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Flora International is a proud supporter and offers Earth To Body products in store. Here is a sample of their work and dedication to high quality skin nutrition offered on their website. Feel free to visit their site or come try the samples available at our shop. All information below obtained at

The History of Cosmetics

For 3000 years up until the early 1900's eighty percent of all medicines and cosmetics were obtained from only roots, barks and leaves. The explosion of petroleum byproducts into the marketplace in the mid 1900,s led the cosmetic companies to abandon natural products in favor of the synthetic materials due to easy availability and cost considerations. Today the commercial cosmetic companies use only traces of natural products for promotional purposes. Many petrochemicals break down the collagen in the skin and many of the preservatives used in synthetic cosmetics that are drawn into the skin are known carcinogens.

Here is a list of SOME of the chemicals found in products that claim to be natural:


Propylene Glycol

Sodium Palm Kernelate

Sodium StearateSodium

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium Laureth Sulfate


Alkyl Sulfate Lauryl

Betaine Cocamide

DEACetearyl Alcohol

Methyl paraben Propyl


disterateIsopropyl palmitate

Isopropyl myrisrate



Do you know what these chemicals are?

Do you know the side effects they can have?

Read ALL the ingredients. You may be surprised.


"Earth to Body is a family oriented business located on the shores of Lac St Louis, West Island Montreal in Quebec, Canada. We extend proudly through family, all the way to Vancouver island, British Columbia. Our Natural Skin Nutrition line originated in 2002. Through hard work and dedication, we have developed a customer base across Canada, meeting you at craft shows, home shows and exhibitions. Our online sales continue to grow every year, a testimonial to the product quality. We thank you.

  • We make our skin nutrition in small batches to ensure freshness. Without toxic chemicals, our products need more care. We thank you for understanding the shelf life and remembering to keep them cool.
  • We make soap/shampoo bars so our troubled rivers and lakes are pollutant free. Our bars don’t add plastic bottles to landfill.
  • Our pure fair trade oils and butters come from countries where the people wear nature’s gifts on their skins. Going green means appreciating nature.
  • We provide a detailed list of why we choose each nutrient. This helps those of you who have allergies, are searching for chemical free, total vegan or gluten free skin care.
  • We use recycled paper and glass bottles as often as possible. Our packaging is simple.
  • Our new website will provide on-line information on how to live a more simple natural lifestyle. By consuming less, not only are we healthier, but we help preserve our environment.

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