Floral Workshops for Seniors

Posted by on Tue, Jul 24 2012 16:17:00


We, at Flora International offer the opportuinty to add floral design workshops to their itineraries. We offer 4-5 workshop classes during the year. All classes are 15$ per person and include all the materials needed for the arrangements. The arrangements are theirs to keep or to give as gifts. We request that members sign up for the workshops and we will need a total number of attendees three days prior to the workshops scheduled date to ensure that we bring the required amount of materials with us.

The feedback thus far has been delightful. Those who have attended these worksops have made some beautiful arrangements and have had wonderful things to say about the experience. For myself, it truly is the highlight of my week to give these workshops. The only complaint I have received is that we don't come back often enough.

As a professional florist, we have been providing high end floral arrangements to the Greater Montreal Area for the past 6 years. We have since offered our services in the form of workshops to seniors residences and clubs in the West Island for the past two years, and would like to offer any others, the opportunity to benefit from our workshops as well.

See the Gallerty Here

Our community page has photo albums of these workshops, feel free to visit

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule the workshops or if you have any questions.