Jane Packer London Olympics 2012 Bouquet

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With the Olympics taking place as we speak, it had been announced earlier that Jane Packer was selected to create the Victory Bouquet for the medal winners.

"The bouquet was designed by their creative director, Susan Lapworth, to reflect the vibrancy and energy of the London 2012 Games.

It consists of four different types of roses sectioned into quadrants to mirror the 2012 logo. The roses being used are Illios (yellow), Marie Claire (orange), Wimbledon (green) and Aqua (pink).

The quadrants are then separated by English lavender, rosemary, apple mint and wheat which also provide a lovely fragrance.

All of the elements of the bouquet are home-grown with Landgard UK/Chessum Plants providing the roses, mint and rosemary.

Long Barn in Hants are providing the lavender and Shropshire Petals, the wheat.

The 4,400 bouquets required will be made at the time of the Games with the help of floristry students from across the country.

The colleges involved are Writtle College in Essex, Adult Education College Bexley in Kent and Kingston Maurward College in Dorset.

As some of you may know, Jane passed away last year. ... Her legacy continues in the form of these Olympic Victory Bouquets, created in her signature style of grouping individual blooms."

Copied information from:

We at Flora International, love Jane's signature style and use it in our designs regularly. She will be missed. Susan Lawporth's design for the Olympic winners is truly beautiful. We would like to congratulate their team and all the students who participated in creating these wonderful bouquets for our olympic atheletes. We would also like to thank Flowerona for the information provided in such detail.

Wishing all Olympic atheletes Good Luck! Your dedication, perseverance, and incredible talents are an inspiration to us all!