Le Jardin De La Montagne

Posted by on Wed, Nov 07 2012 11:31:00

We at Flora are big believers in healthy happy lifestyles. We love natural, great quality local products, and use them in our daily lives as much as possible. Flora receives a weekly basket delivered right to our shop from Le Jardin De La Montagne

Each basket delivered by organic family farm Les Jardins de la Montagne contains a wide variety of healthy and tasty organic products grown on the south shore of Montreal. In addition, the baskets are occasionally complemented by delicious homemade products (soup, vegetable sauce, fruit ketchup, relish,applesauce, etc.)..

Here are some of the benefits of signing up for weekly deliveries

Access to fresh food, vibrant, diverse, affordable, clean and respectful of Mother Nature, since 1997

More than 53 kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs grown on the farm

Over 450 varieties of fruits and vegetables, mostly old and forgotten

Recipes adapted to the contents of the baskets (while quantities last)

Trying new and exciting fruits and Vegetables, you wouldn't normally discover on your own.

This picture is of one of our baskets received this summer. YUM