Gardening with your Kids

Posted by on Mon, Apr 29 2013 12:55:00

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If you're looking for a great family project (and ways to get your kids outside and active), why not involve your kids in your gardening? It's a lot of fun and teaches them about responsibility.

We've compiled a list of ways your kids can get involved in the garden!

1. Start by creating a space where your child can plant and care for his or her garden. This can be a small section of the main garden or a small flowerbed that's all their own. Container gardening is a good indoor option where outdoor
space is limited.

2. Browse the seed catalogues or search the Internet with your child to start choosing plants and seeds. Consider plants that are easy to grow. Tomato plants, mint or annual flowers, such as colourful sunflowers, are some great

3. Before shopping for plants, prepare the soil. There's nothing worse than having to wait to start the fun – and the plants will appreciate a flowerbed that's ready for them, too.

4. Depending on how your child learns, you can choose to germinate plants from seeds or buy cell packs of ready-grown seedlings. Watching a plant grow from a seed teaches a child patience and responsibility, but if they can't wait, an easier way is to help them look after seedlings .

5. Help your child create a theme for the garden – it can be colour, flowers or favourite vegetables. Letting your child choose a garden ornament or two can brighten up their flowerbed, and make it their own.

6. On rainy days when they can't get out to see how their plants are doing encourage your child to create a birdhouse or bird feeder (make sure to use non-toxic paint).

7. Help make your child's garden a place to play, too. A bean tepee or a sunflower forest offer little hideaways.

8. Be sure to include edible plants and flowers that can be tasted and touched. This makes gardening a truly interactive experience!