Pumped For Pumpkins!

Posted by Administrator on Tue, Oct 27 2015 06:24:00

It has been a lovely season! Has it not!?

Beautiful colours in the trees, comfy sweater weather, sunshine on your face and good vibes all around.

It's no wonder why fall weddings are becoming more and more of a thing these days. On behalf of all of us at Flora International, we would like to thank our "fall fiances". Keep those awesome Autumn themed events coming! We cant wait to see the photos (:

Once again, this year we had the pleasure of bringing back and old customer favourite. They are everywhere this time of year! They're in your soup, your pastries, at your local grocery shops and even in your coffee!...

YEAH! We brought back our famous pumpkin arrangements!!!

The pumpkin arrangement is such a fun and creative idea. This little guy is loved by all... This year we even had customers bringing us their own pumpkins pre-carved and ready to go. A big thank you for that. It saved us a lot of time, icky hands(lol) and made it easier to make a beautiful arrangement the whole family appreciates. The feedback was tremendously positive and we were all happy to hear what a kick people got out of the pumpkins. People especially loved the little gourds we threw in there (;

Our Flora Pumpkins were a hit once again!

These precious pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes. They even come in different colours. I mean have you seen the crazy pumpkins out there?!?

It's a fun and easy activity to do with the family too! In addition to carving a Halloween pumpkin head, you can make a floral arrangement with one, fashion an accessory for your vase of cut flowers or make a temporary "cache pot" for a plant. We will even show you how you can do this in our next blog! Right in time for some halloween decorating fun. Step by step pumpkin madness.

Remember, Fall isn't over until all the pumpkins are gone and uh... the snow stays on the ground.

Until next time!

The Flora Girls

P.S. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Lot's to be thankful for this year :)