Showing You Our Halloween Spirit

Posted by Administrator on Fri, Oct 30 2015 16:08:00

Here it is! Our Halloween Blog. We were having way too much fun playing around with Halloween designs, we almost forgot to post something about it!

Have you seen those cool white pumpkins around? It's a very unusual style for halloween eh? A white pumpkin is an especially good idea if you were thinking of using different colours in your halloween themed decor. Maybe you aren't a the biggest "orange fan" out there... I do prefer purple myself... Although orange and purple can look very funky together... Halloween spirit can be expressed in many ways!!! And colours ;)

I wanted to try and make a "Pumkin Vase". Here is how i did it with my fabulous white pumpkin! I carved out the circumference of my vase on the top of the pumkpin (photo1). After that I carved it all out and put my vase inside (photo2).

Now! This pumpkin is not like any ordinary pumpkin... She is actually quite stylish and risqué...So I dressed her up with some fishnet!! I've seen this done before in past Halloweens, thought I would give it a whirl. I took the vase out, wrapped the pumpkin inside one of the fishnet legs I cut off and tied a knot at the bottom of the pumkpkin. I left the opening at the top of the pumpkin so i could put the vase back inside. I found that the largest size of fishnets worked the best (it was a pretty big pumpkin) (photo3).

How AWESOME does it look in photo4?! I added a bow to fill the gap between the flowers and the pumpkin. Gorgeous right?

Easy to do yourself! I used a taller cylinder vase. As long as the vase can fit inside of a pumpkin, you're good! You can use traditional Halloween colours for your flowers if you like (photo5).

You can even carve a face into your pumpkin before the fishnet goes on! (photo6)

If you want to get really fancy, put battery powered lights inside. That is one impressive pumpkin if you ask me! Can you see the pic with the glowing pumpkin face in the dark??? That's it! Oh! so cool :D

Now to get to what we promised you all...

A little tutorial on a "DIY" Floral Pumpkin Arrangement. Flora International is here to deliver! This time we decided to start you off on a much smaller scale. Get your baby pumpkins ready!

Materials: Small pumpkin, 4inch square piece of cellophane wrapping paper(or similar), a block of floral foam(you must soak in water beforehand), a few stems of greenery(the smaller the better) and a few flowers.

REMEMBER. Giving all your flowers and greens a clean cut with a sharp knife or scissors is best. Always on an angle! This enables everything to drink the water and hydrate properly. The angle helps with placing through the floral foam as well.

Step 1: Carve out your mini pumpkin.

Step 2: Stuff the cellophane into the carved pumpkin to create a lining. If you do not do this the pumpkin will rot when in contact with water.

Step 3: Cut the floral foam into a size that will fit into the pumpkin. A rectangular shape or cylinder will work fine. Place the foam into your pumpkin. See photo7 for a visual (:

Step 4: Cut the excess cellophane off around the edge of the pumpkin opening.

Step 5: Slice off the top of the floral foam. Only leave about an inch or half inch sticking out of the pumpkin opening. See photo8 for the end result. I cut little angles into the foam so it's easier to stick your greens and flower stems into the foam.

Step 6: Cut mini pieces of greenery to make the base shape of your arrangement. Place them all around in a circular motion and conitnue the same placement method as you move towards the center of the foam as you see in photo9. We used "Leather Leaf Fern"

Step 7: You are now ready to stick your flowers in! A "triangular design" is usually the easiest and simplest way too arrange the flowers. In this case, for example; we used a rose, a decorative cabbage and folded leaves to complete the tightly knit trio. You can also use the top of the pumpkin! Unless you threw it away already... haha! Just poke the underside of the pumpkin- top with a stick(leftover stem of flower) and add it to the arrangement.

Voila! you should have something that looks like photo10

Now enjoy your beautiful floral pumpkin and show it off! Makes a cute Halloween decoration or a fun gift idea!

Hope you enjoyed the decorating ideas and tips.

We will be handing out candy in our shop at the Pointe Claire Plaza Halloween Event. See you there!

- The Flora Girls