Summer's End Is Bittersweet....

Posted by Administrator on Thu, Oct 08 2015 08:58:00

Alright! it's safe to say that summer is officially over. Try not to be too sad about it. The Fall is a very beautiful time of year as well!

With the change of seasons, comes change in the availability of different floral products. Spring flowers are long gone and the dahlia season ends with fall's first frost. This doesn't have to be a negative thing though! A good florist will always do their best to keep you interested and make you love the season you're in.

For the past week The Flora Girls have been thinking about how bittersweet Autumn can be...

We brought in some Celastrus Scandens!!!

This wooden branch also known as American Bittersweet, grows like a vine in mostly dry woodland areas and has little yellow berries that pop open in the fall. The yellow berries peel back their skins like petals, to reveal a bright orange pod. The orange pod is what carries the seeds of the Bittersweet. Aren't they pretty?!

American Bittersweet is a perennial plant that came from the Oriental Bittersweet(Celastrus Orbiculatus). Oriental Bittersweet came from Eastern Asia but was then spread to America by early colonists. In early summer the branches bloom little white flowers. The berries that appear in the fall really catch your eye with their changing shapes and wild vibrant colors.

We are having a blast arranging with our Bittersweet and love how long lasting it is.

Come by the shop and let us show you what we can do. Fall can be one of your favorite  seasons  too. (: