Wedding Flowers


Our team of designers have years of experience, worked all over the globe, and thrive on the thrill of creating a unique design for our clients. Whether you are looking for a simple floral design, hand-tied bouquet, cascading or teardrop bouquet, or a more modern take on the traditional bouquet, button holes, and corsages, we have a vast photo gallery to choose from, or we can work together to create something unique only to you.

What can you expect when planning your special day? Well we will start by setting up a consultation where we will discuss the following items:

Style and Theme:
What vision do you have for your wedding day? Is it a formal “black tie”, or more casual? Country garden, victorian, traditional, or contemporary designs? If you have a reception photograph that you love, we can recreate it or redesign it to make your dream come true. What type of gown is the bride wearing?

Are there any colours that you absolutely would like to include? What colours are the bridesmaids, groom,ushers, flower girl, and ring bearer wearing? A colour swatch is ideal, as a photograph can lead to misinterpretation of colour. Are there any colours that need to be avoided for tradition, culture, or taste?

Where is the ceremony taking place? Will it be celebrated in a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, civil service at the main venue? What type of decoration would you like? Are there any customs or traditions that a florist would need to be aware of?

Wedding party:
What age are the bridesmaids, flower girl? How tall are they? Are there any other attendants that need to be considered? Ring bearer or matron of honour?

The venue:
How large is the room or marquee? How many attendants? What are the main colours in the room? Are there any items that need special attention? It might be that there is an item that needs covering. What is the lighting like? How high are the ceilings? Would you like table centers-how many, high, low or a mixture of both? Would you like your home or car decorated?

How much would you like to spend?
We are not looking for an exact number, but a ballpark figure. This will enable us to suggest the appropriate flowers, style, and amount of flowers.

A special gesture of thanks:
Flowers can make an ideal “thank-you” gift for all of those that helped you with creating your special day, that were there to listen and calm you down when stress levels were high. Before the big day we can arrange for bouquets to be delivered to your wedding venue. We hope that this has helped you plan for your floral designs for your special day. We look forward to hearing from you.